There aren’t any bad choices here. The only bad choice is for you to be a miserable parent, to not be present, to not be investing time as much as you can in your kid, or to not meet those basic needs—the biological-level needs.

Anil Dash is co-founder and CEO of ThinkUp, and has a 3.5-year-old son.

We talked about what dads can do, from unplugging completely during parental leave to addressing unconscious bias about gender roles at home, and worrying less and being present more.

N.B. In sharing the stories of mothers over the past year, I realized that we also need dads to be active participants in the conversation of what we as tech workers want our blends of parenting and careers to look like. So I’ve started to seek out men who are setting new precedents, and will intersperse these conversations with the regularly-scheduled program.—kr

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