A podcast of conversations with mothers working in technology, sharing their stories, challenges, triumphs, and ideas for change.

Motherboard is a collection of conversations with mothers working in technology—sharing their stories, challenges, triumphs, and ideas for change.

The show addresses the need for better role modeling around the transition to parenthood for women. Already isolated as a minority in tech, women can feel even more like outsiders when becoming the first parent on their team, or needing to pioneer parental leave benefits at their companies.

Through interviews, the show records and disseminates the stories of mothers from Google, Github, Microsoft, and other companies, as well as solopreneurs and women in states of transition, as they navigate pregnancy, maternity leave, and the return to work. Guests with a variety of parenting situations talk about their company benefits and other support systems, successes and challenges, and their most valuable lessons learned.

Previous interviews have included Camille Fournier’s promotion to CTO of Rent the Runway while pregnant, Jean Hsu’s mission to parent equally with her husband while a developer at Medium, international speaker Jen Myers’ strategies for single parenting, Rebecca Murphey’s adoption story while working at Bazaarvoice, and Jenni Snyder’s improvements to re-boarding mothers post-parental-leave at Yelp, among others.

Motherboard archives the concrete stories and experiences of mothers in tech, with new episodes released every couple of weeks. By gathering knowledge from mothers at disparate companies and sharing it among the tech community, we can avoid wasting energy on problems that have already been solved, and help women get back to work as seamlessly as possible.

About the Host

Kathryn Rotondo is an independent developer. In addition to her award-winning work at digital agencies and startups, she has taught at RISD Continuing Education, co-wrote Adobe AIR in Action, and speaks internationally (O’Reilly Fluent, Mobile Central Europe). She won the first ever Berlin Geekettes hackathon in 2013.

Kathryn lives in San Francisco, and can be found at http://kathrynrotondo.com and on twitter as @krotondo.


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