At a startup where women are forging the path fresh, they’re not only experiencing this thing for the first time, but they’re having to help everyone through their experience for the first time too: talking to an HR person who’s never handled maternity leave before, asking the benefits person to walk them through those EDD forms, which is so difficult. When everyone’s doing it the first time, it’s bound to be exceptionally difficult, and unfortunately there are going to be things that don’t go as planned. How do you learn from that experience and make it better?

Jenni Snyder is a MySQL DBA at Yelp, with a 15-month-old daughter.

We talked about her experience starting a moms group at work, helping the company to improve reboarding moms after leave, including the importance of having managers and HR practice conversations, asking for and iterating based on employee feedback, and her findings on setting up the ideal mothers’ room.

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