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Episode 6: Gretchen

The older your children get, the fewer things you can really successfully outsource. You can always outsource the laundry, or driving to-and-from, but the things that require your unique value system and your opinion on how to raise your child become, to me, more and more prevalent the older the child gets.

Episode 5: Andrea

The setting of boundaries, and the asking for what you need, and the taking care of yourself… that has to come from the employee. The company has a lot of policies, and they have things available to you, but they are never going to be the ones that insist that you strike a good balance in your life. You have to be the one that sets your boundaries and then works out how you can negotiate that with your manager and your infrastructure.

Episode 4: Doreen Fasen

Don’t let the fact that you have a family make you afraid to take on this role. It all comes down to prioritization, setting boundaries, setting limits, so don’t let yourself hold yourself back.

Episode 3: Shirley Gaw

I changed products, which means you totally change codebase and infrastructure; I changed offices three times; I changed teams twice, just in Paris; and I didn’t speak French before arriving; and there was being a new mother.

Episode 2: Jean Hsu

I think there’s a danger in one person becoming the expert, and the other person feeling like, “oh, that person knows way more than me, and they’re the one who is the real parent, who knows all the things.”

Thanks Google!

I’m excited to announce that Google has just joined the podcast as a sponsor, getting us over the threshold of the Kickstarter goal! The project is on!

Hello Heroku!

This past week our first corporate sponsor came on board. Hello Heroku!

Máirín on Role Models

Interviewee Máirín Duffy wrote about her reasons for getting involved with the project: I think we need more role models for women in technology in general, but especially role models who are able to raise a family while continuing their career.

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